Taking control of your financial future is one of the most commendable things that a person can do. Too many people don’t take any action to control their financial futures, and end up struggling financially in what should be the golden years of their life.

The Personal Finance Geek takes personal finance and investiong seriously. I do the research, I do the reading, and I sift through the finance literature in order to provide you with the best and most up to date personal finance tips and strategies.

Not long ago, I was aged in my late twenties, had no assets, a negative net worth, and a $25,000 student loan while I worked as an overqualified waiter, scrubbing dishes and waiting tables in a restaurant in the city.

Not long after, by taking control of my spending habits, and taking massive action financially, I am in a significantly better position, and no longer have to worry where the money will come from to pay my rent, pay my health insurance, and pay my electricity bills.

By educating yourself, and by committing to follow through on some of the strategies you will be exposed to, you will be able to achieve your financial dreams.

Best wishes,

Michael the Personal Finance Geek

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